Optimization approach flow for special paper manufacturer

HGH optimized the cleaner plant and approach flow system of German specialty paper manufacturer. As a result of this rebuild, the total volume of the system was reduced significantly. A new 2-stage cleaner plant that can be adapted to the high fluctuating throughputs, achieves an improved cleaning effect of the pulp.

The volume reduction of the overall system results in shorter cleaning and changeover times.

In the course of this optimization, a control system (PCS7) for the approach flow was also implemented.


Customer:       Germany

Product:          special papers (LF virgin fibers, Linters)

Scope:            Basic and Detail Engineering, Equipment, Instrumentation, Piping,

    DCS System, Commissioning

Laboratory Refiner for Pilot Plant





HGH supplied a CR25 conical refiner with automatic gap adjustment for the pilot plant of an special paper manufacturer.


Customer:       Germany

Product:          special papers (virgin fibers, synthetic fibers)

Scope:            Basic Engineering, Equipment, Commissioning

Engineering Secondary fiber stock preperation





HGH deliverd complete Basic Engineering for a new secondary fiber stock preperation plant for a special cardboard manufacturer.


Customer:       Germany

Product:          special cardboard (waste paper)

Scope:            Concept, Dimensioning, Basic Engineering

Aramid Fiber Line for                                     electrical insulation paper

HGH installed a aramid fiber line for electrical insulation paper.

The fiber line includes a special dispersion agitator, a refiner SDR 17 and a pressure screen V4 with slot widthe 0,35mm.


customer:   Germany

product:      electrical insulation paper

Aramid Fiber refining

HGH installed 2 laboratory refiner with automatic gap adjustment incl. PLS for Aramid refining.


customer:   Korea

product:      Laboratory

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