Centrifugal cleaning

CSF Cleaner

These types of cleaner are used as cleaner stages in the thin stock range (stock density up to 2,5%). The system is designed with a circular distributor with central feed to ensure perfect operation without any deposits or blockages. Due to special design it takes up very little space. Due to our know how and the SL final-stage cleaner technology, we are able to keep material losses and waste water to a minimum with these cleaner stages. Optimised reject dilution makes it possible to control the reject rate and to avoid pluggings of reject nozzles. Reject cones with a special outlet diameter are used for this purpose. We are able to manufacture CSF cleaners also to take out low density containment.

CSF cleaner systems

SL final-stage cleaner

This type of cleaner is used as final-stage cleaner in the thin stock and medium-consistency range (stock density up to 6%, e.g. as thick stock cleaner). To cover necessary performance for each application, these cleaners are available in different sizes. According to individual requirements, this type of cleaner can be supplied with special changeable wear inserts. Due to our know how we are able to keep reject losses and hydraulic reject flow on much lower level as our competitors.

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