HGH Kuegele GmbH

Your partner in the paper industry.

HGH Kuegele is an engineering company for the paper industry.


Since 1993 we are working as company TB Verfahrenstechnik Kügele GmbH. In year 2010 we started our cooperation with company HGH Gaßmann e.K. and had many very successfull installations of theire equipments.

July 2017 company HGH Gaßmann e.K. was taken over from company TB Verfahrenstechnik Kügele GmbH. After many years as owner of the company Hubert Gaßmann will consecrate himself to other activities. He will support company HGH Kuegele GmbH in the future as consultant.

In the course of the acquisitition, the company name was changed to HGH Kuegele GmbH.


Tue to many years of experience we are in a position to offer flexible and highly innovative solutions. Continuous development and optimisation of existing systems mean that we are able to improve sustainability.


We are a reliable supplier and partner to all customers in the paper and pulp industry.


Our strength on the paper production side are:

  • Handling of standard and special fibres
  • Deflaking, refining and dispersion
  • stock preparation, cleaning and screening techniques
  • approach flow systems, rebuilds and new installations
  • Hydrocylone technique
  • Pulsation - and gas analyses

HGH Kuegele GmbH

Mettersdorf 7

9433 St. Andrä



Phone: +43 (0) 664 227 2292


E-Mail: office@hgh-kuegele.com

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